Waqar Zaka visited Xander’s cafe last night where he was caught making video of a girl who was sitting right in front of him. When her friends noticed, they approached him and asked why he was making the video.

Here is a video that i’m talking about.

Sources have confirmed that Waqar Zaka was drunk and replied, “Do whatever you want to do, I am not going to delete the video.”

The intention of waqar zaka is clearly seen in this video and his purpose before the incident let’s watch this it will clear your opinion and thinking.

and now he is pretended to be stop guards calture and behave like a normal man. Bullying girls is also our Not calture Mr zakka you are responsible with all your actions and reactions Now don’t miss interpret with these kinds of statements..

waqar zaka posted another video on snapchat in which he warning the girl.

He called one of his video called men is next Bakhtawar bhutto zardari (daughter of benazir bhutto) husband. who give a right to see or make this kind of statement of any one..

and After this incident we’ll show you some people opinion on social media and what are they saying on this incident..

people also make mimic of this incident 😀


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