Moscow and Tehran have agreed to the Russian Aerospace Forces (VKS) airbase Hamadan in Iran. Ministry of Defence has already announced the first air strikes on terrorists in Syria’s long-range bombers Tu-22M3 placed on this base. This interaction emphasizes even greater rapprochement between Russia and Iran.

Long-range bombers Russian aerospace forces moved on to a new stage in the application of air strikes on the positions of militants “Islamic State” (banned in Russia Organization) and other terrorist groups in Syria. On Tuesday, the Tu-22M3 first bombed the territory of Iran with the support of multifunctional Su-34. This was reported by the Russian Defense Ministry on its official page with Facebook.

“As a result of air strikes eliminated five large warehouses with weapons, ammunition, fuel and lubricants, training camps for militants in the areas of human settlements Serakab, Al-Bab, Aleppo and Deir ez-Zor, three points militants control in areas Jafri and Deyr- cities ez-Zor, as well as a significant number of insurgents “, – stated in the message department, supplemented videotape the bombing.

It is also noted that the destroyed training camps, ammunition depots, andiran management points militants in Aleppo area.

Clumping long and tactical bombers took off from an air base Hamedan in Iran, where the day before they were seen by Iranian media.

As reported edition of Al-News, of Masdar , the Tu-22M3 bombers flew to the Iranian base airfield in Mozdok in southern Russia. The exact number of relocated to Iran Russian bombers not called. It should be noted that just last week in Moscow to close Army international games came the Iranian Defense Ministry. According to Al-Masdar News, Moscow and Tehran have recently signed an agreement to allow Russian planes to reduce flight times to targets in Syria by 60%, as well as save money and improve efficiency of the air attacks videoconferencing.

Ex-Head of the Main Directorate of International Military Cooperation of the Russian Defence Ministry Colonel-General Leonid Ivashov said “” that the request for the use of air bases in Iran – an indicator of confidence relations between Moscow and Tehran and continued cooperation on the Syrian front. He also recalled that, in Iraq, in Baghdad, a joint Russian-Iraqi-Iranian Clearinghouse. As previously wrote “Times”, the main task of the information center in Baghdad – the collection, processing, compilation and analysis of current data on the situation in the Middle East in the context of the fight against militants, distribution destination information and rapid transfer of the general staffs of the participating countries, which is what Russia, Iran, Iraq and Syria.

“In Baghdad, set up a Russian-Iraqi-Iranian coordination military headquarters, where we exchange intelligence information, define the main threats to destroy objects.

It [the use of the air base Hamedan] just the development of military-political relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran. The main thing here – the military and strategic importance that we act in the wider Middle East in concert “, – Ivashov said””.

It is known that in order to Tu-22M3 bombers took off from an airfield in Mozdok, struck by objects IG terrorists and returned to the departure aerodrome, combat load the aircraft should not exceed 8-9 tonnes.Otherwise, do not have enough fuel to return to the departure aerodrome. With a full combat load (24 tons) range combat use of the Tu-22M3 is only 800 km. Along the route of flight VKS Russian combat vehicles have to fly through Iran and Iraq. The distance from the airport to the Russian purposes, for example, in Palmyra more than 2 thousand km, and from the air base Hamedan in Iran -. 900 km.

Used FSI Russian air base in the Syrian Latakia Hmeymim for home TU-22M3 is not suitable. Although, as noted in a conversation with “” military analyst Alex Leonkov, after the ratification of the treaty of Moscow and Damascus on the use Hmeymima air base will be expanded and strengthened to be able to accommodate a larger group there and to make and “long-range bombers could go to land on the need. ”

“Fighting application of long-range bombers Tu-22M3 from an air base Hamedan gives aerospace forces in Russia a number of very significant advantages. The distance to the object terrorists stationed in Al-Raqqa and around Aleppo, reduced to 800-900 km.

This can dramatically increase the combat load of Tu-22M3 bombers up to the maximum (in the accelerated version – 21.5 ton, 42 OFAB-250-270 type bombs)

in which case the air attack and will be placed on the external load of the aircraft. Significantly reduce the time sortie Tu-22M3 – with more than five hours to just two. This will significantly increase the combat power Russian air group videoconferencing, stationed at the air base Hamedan, and thus significantly increase the effectiveness of attacks on targets of terrorists, “- said””the ex-commander of long-range aviation, Lieutenant-General Mikhail Oparin.

He noted that problems may arise with the creation of stocks of aviation fuel and weapons at the air base Hamedan.

The Defense Ministry has traditionally stressed that all planes are executed combat missions, as well as cover them multipurpose fighters Su-30cm and Su-35s from an air base Hmeymim returned to the airfield.

On the eve of “Interfax” referring to the military-diplomatic source reported that Russian Defense Ministry last week sent to Iran and Iraq requests for the use of air space of these countries for the passage of cruise missiles. Recall that in the autumn 2015 “Movement” Russian cruise missiles already “flying” through Iraq and Iran for the destruction of objects Syrian militants. Four small missile ship project “Buyan-M” rocket ship and two Project 11661 Caspian Flotilla 7 October for the first time made 26 launches sea-based cruise missiles “Caliber” to 11 targets, killing all the specified goals. “The results confirmed the high efficiency blows missiles at great distances – almost 1.5 thousand km.”, – He said then Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu.

According to General Ivashov, the request for passage of cruise missiles is within the framework of international law. And it has done it well in advance to ensure that, if necessary, do not spend time on urgent diplomatic contacts because of the rapid changes in the situation in the Middle East and moving targets. “When, as will run rockets, for whatever path they run – the question of command, which will give the order.

There must be consent of the Iranian and Iraqi sides, so that we can at any moment be defined objectives, including mobile, and it is important to destroy cruise missiles, then the command will have a free hand and they give orders.

It is likely that cruise missiles and not to be used, but in principle agreed to use them, we will, “- said an expert on military and diplomatic issues.

Officially, the Russian Defense Ministry has not commented on the information about the request flight cruise missiles through the airspace of its Middle Eastern allies.


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