Mikaeel is upset when his friend stops playing gambling at his place. So he decides to turn his house into a casino. He takes his mother’s jewellery and throws Manahil and her children out of the house. Manahil didn’t have the money to go back home, so she asks Jameel for help and he takes her to his quarter in Salahuddin’s home. Jeena manipulates Salahuddin, and gets him ready for engagement, at this point Manahil is homeless and seeks Salahuddin for help, to get her along with Mikael, Mannu and Salahuddin reach Mikaeel to accept Mannu. He divorces her after which Mannu is left heart broken and Sad. When she informs her family, her father’s medical condition goes critical and he receives another heart attack. After this Mannu goes back to Mikaeel and slaps him, she finally decides to stand against all the odds and finally rejects Mikaeel. Things turn complicated when Salahuddin is forced to choose between either Mannu or Jeena. When Mannu finally accepts her feelings for Salahuddin, Mikaeel comes and informs her that her parents had taken loan from the bank without informing him and he has noting to pay, he loses all his fate and asks Mannu to come back after which she rejects him. And in the last episode, Salahuddin dies and leaves Mannu forever but Jeena seems to be flew away to her relatives and Mannu finds out Salahuddin left his property for her. Mannu has one more child whom she named Salahuddin.

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