According to Binbuzz reported, Google quietly canceled the earlier launch for China’s sensitive keywords prompt service, and there is no quiet, no official statement to explain why the delete function.

Sensitive keyword ideas and services last year, Google search experience for users in mainland China the issue of poor and the introduction of a feature, when users search for certain words, when Google search box will prompt sensitive words between users inadvertently triggered and inform this character will cause the page break the connection.

According GreatFire site detection , the service is about during the December 5, 2012 to December 8 to cancel, help documentation is also simultaneously removed, but did not receive widespread attention, Google did not like the official start time as the original issued any official statement and explanation.

Google has been described as a company’s “do not be evil” Typically, at the end of May last year, when Google launched against Chinese users sensitive keywords to a warning message, this popularity was at its climax. Chinese Internet users found that some so-called sensitive input keywords, Google will be prompted with a yellow highlight information, the search will lead to the user breaks the connection. This is Google’s bold attempt to step against Chinese Internet censorship.

In this new feature released after 24 hours, JavaScript files used by this function namely shields blocked the keyword data, makes this function ineffective in China, Google respond immediately modify the URL address of the file, but later this address has been masked, to the end of time, this cat and mouse game finally ended, Google uses an embedded approach to this function into their home, which makes it technically can not separate this feature enabled, unless Google overall shield.

However, this is Google’s first win? Unfortunately, this is not, Google eventually closed in December of this feature, which is also associated help file is deleted, if this function has never been the same. When we now click on this page , to see the “Can not find the information you retrieve” from the web page snapshot we can still see the information in the following figure.

Why does Google want to close this function? One theory is that, even though this feature is useful, but in the Chinese version of the Google home page to embed this functionality, make it more difficult to maintain this system, the more complex the system, the more difficult to update and maintain. There is a saying, Google and the Chinese government may reach an agreement, the implementation of more stringent self-censorship.

Before Chinese government had on November 9th in Google implemented a 24-hour total closure , but removed after 24 hours, when we speculated whether this progress “fully shielded Google” test, but apparently gave Google’s considerable pressure, in addition to restrictions on November Google Gmail service has increased significantly, and finally, Google may find that a slower and provide limited but stable than Gmail service was no better.

This setback for Google went to her opposite, which also shows that Google may not be able to win the title of Internet freedom fighters, even so, Google is also doing much better than other companies (such as Microsoft, Apple and Yahoo), Gmail is still China users are most secure and reliable mail service (especially for intellectuals), and she supports HTTPS -step verification for suspected attacks will issue a warning, even in the face strong rivals, Google was forced to bow, we express appreciated.

Keyword prompts Event Review:

May 31: Google introduced in mainland China keyword search prompts, and published blog posts, YouTube videos to explain and help.

May 31: JS files and data filtering keyword firewall by masking that contains this feature and the first time to block this feature.

June 2: Google has changed the JS file path, reminding functional recovery.

June 2-18 Day: Firewall again blocked new path.

Before the end of 6: Google on the home page uses a new anti-censorship function, so that the shield is almost impossible.

November 6: Gmail start was a large area of ​​the shield.

November 9:, fully blocked in the country.

November 10: Google and quickly lifted.

5-8 December: Google canceled the anti-censorship Home function, and delete keyword alerts, and help documentation.

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